Devlin's Desire

A sexy read that you suddenly realize is also dealing with terrorists and life or death for the Top‚tinian tribe to which Devlin's mother belongs. Having grown up with his human father in the city, can Devlin become what he needs to be?

Definitely a page-turner that keeps you hot and bothered until the very end!

Book Blurb for Devlin's Desire

Devlin Decatur is a shape shifter who refuses to accept his heritage. He's a millionaire playboy and nothing else. Until she enters the picture. She belongs to the same tribe that Devlin refuses to be a part of; she is the one that has come to take him back to the Gungi Rain Forest so that he can save their tribe. She is the one who makes him quiver with need.

Gabriella Kincaid is on a mission to save her people. She's traveled far and will go to any lengths to see this mission through, even sacrifice her body. But Gabriella soon realizes that giving herself to Devlin is not a sacrifice, but a submission to the scorching heat that simmers between them.

Devlin and Gabriella find consolation in both their feline and erotic connection. But when danger threatens their lives, their distraction could prove deadly.

Reader Advisory: Contains a brief scene of male/male sexual contact.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00