Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice

Letha flees the only home she has ever known where she had to hide her abilities to avoid being labeled as evil. She winds up at Del Fantasma hoping to find a place where she can be herself, whatever that is. What she does not realize is that her life is about to change for the better in more ways than she could ever imagine.

As anyone who has read any of the Del Fantasma series knows, good and interesting things happen when Cody Warren, owner and libation designer extraordinaire, starts his matchmaking magic. There’s no being disappointed in this delightful visit to our favorite bar and restaurant. Engaging characters along with vivid scene imagery and passion enough to make you gasp make this tale an endearing episode in the Del Fantasma chronicles.

Book Blurb for Del Fantasma: Tiger Juice

Widow Letha flees a repressive religious community on the northern prairies, where she lived under the suspicion of having demon blood. Her journey ends in Vista Loma, CA at the Del Fantasma bar. Perhaps working for vampire Cody in a paranormal friendly bar will give her some answers regarding her psychic abilities. Jagger comes from a tight knit clan of white tiger shifters, but he left the family entertainment business to run a contracting business. Hanging out at his friend Cody's bar he's waited on by the repressed widow. And, when Cody asks Jagger to take Letha home to keep her safe during the Storm of the Century, Jagger and Letha discover not all is as it seems when it comes to the paranormal.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50