Deep Encounter

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Deep Encounter

Seven Wonders of the World: Book 1

Traveling to the bottom of the ocean in a small submersible with her ex-lover, Samantha is trying to figure out why she is even there. What they discover in the depths makes it more than worthwhile to be there but then the worst happens and they are stuck on the bottom of the ocean with no way to call for help.

Realizing each moment may be their last, Mike and Sam rediscover their love for each other and express it in the most unbridled and passionate way they know how. But is it too late?

The author pens such wonderfully scorching sex the reader may forget the hazards going on around her characters. But Mike and Sam want more than just these few moments.will they get them?

Book Blurb for Deep Encounter

First Prize Winner of Seven Wonders of the World Writing Contest

A kilometer beneath the surface, in the cold, dark ocean depths, world renowned exo-biologist Samantha Price and ex-lover Mike Leigh, pilot of a deep-sea submersible, come face to face with the Mimetai, a creature that knows nothing of humanity.

Hurled to the sea bottom, their submersible incapacitated by the Mimetai and with air running out, Samantha and Mike rekindle their love and by doing so, give themselves an unexpected chance at happiness and maybe even survival.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50