Crossbearer Turned: Veriel's Tales-Book One

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Crossbearer Turned: Veriel's Tales-Book One

“…magic protects the Stone from those who would use it selfishly.”  So what were the circumstances that allowed Jörg to remove the Stone and unleash the beast Elders?  What would cause him to be willing to give his soul away in exchange for the powers and damnation that came from releasing the beasts?

Granted, I’ve been a Swordchaser for a long time and I’m really glad to see this series being released again. These books are filled with characters you can’t help but love, or hate, and will want to revisit regularly. There is passion, intrigue, and just plain old fun wrapped into every exploit as you are pulled into the universe of the Night Warriors.

Book Blurb for Crossbearer Turned: Veriel's Tales-Book One

# of pages or word count: 257 pages
Genre: Fantasy erotic romance
Heat rating: 4 Novas
In book one of the NIGHT WARRIORS series, questions were raised about Veriel's motives. Did he have a claim, or was he insane? What relationship existed between Jörg and Regana? Who did Regana love (her husband, Pauwel elder killer, the "Crossbearer Turned" or the beast Veriel), and who was Andris of Crossbearer's father? This book answers it all.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75