Craving Eden

Tarot - 3 of Swords

Eden fell in love, and then found out an animal lived inside the man. Fleeing this obvious danger, she finds comfort in the arms of another man until she finds out who the real monster is. On the run to save herself, and more importantly, her child, she finds herself back where she started. Can Jake find it in his heart to forgive her for fleeing and taking the treasure he never knew he had?

Hot, hot, hot! The sexual tension between Eden and Jake is palpable, from when she first shows up and is sure she can’t stay to the final end when Jake makes his decision. The suspense of Jake finding out about Eden’s daughter and when Edward tracks her down will have you on the edge of your seat. You’ll want to scream and shout with this one, for the heroes, the villains, and everything in between.

Book Blurb for Craving Eden

Genre: Paranormal Romance: Shapeshifter, Werewolf

Pages: 91

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

When her hero turns into the villain, Eden's only solace is in the arms of the man she once thought a monster.

Discovering the man who once rescued her meets all the qualifications of a monster, a young Eden flees. Pregnant and scared, she meets Edward, a knight in shining armor. But his promises aren't all they seem. As her hero turns into a villain, Eden again flees, this time in fear for her child's life. With luck and money fading, Eden is forced to return to the place she once fled--and the only man who can provide protection for her child.

Jake mourned the loss of his mate when she abandoned him and always hoped for her return. Imagine his surprise when she turns up at his birthday party like a long awaited present. Anger and hope war as he sorts through his feelings and comes to the only conclusion possible--until the truth of the child is dropped in his lap.

Will Jake offer the child the security and protection her terrified mother so desperately seeks? And does Eden have the courage to face a living, breathing werewolf?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.25