Come To Me Freely

Lush characterizations and vivid settings combine to make this erotic story come to life for the reader. Years after missed messages and mutual misunderstandings Leigh and Tre come together again. Is the spark that ignited back then something that will quickly burn out or is it something meant to last?
That becomes the basis for this story and the reader is swept along as Tre and Leigh rediscover what it was that started burning those many years ago. The heat and passion that is generated scorches the page as they peel back the layers of what was, was is, and what will be.
Through a series of gently interspersed flashbacks, the reader is shown what happened in the past to bring this torrid reunion to life as well as how events of the past and present affect those around them. Yes, Leigh was married to Tre’s brother but was the passion that was ignited all those years ago is still smoldering. It’s up to Leigh and Tre to find out if the flame is meant to last.
So grab this book, settle in, and get comfortable, you’re going to enjoy this one.

Book Blurb for Come To Me Freely

A passion that won’t be denied despite the circumstances.

Though Leigh cared deeply for Jim, it was his fiery older brother Tre who held the key to her heart. For the past ten years she’s lived with the daily pain of knowing that Tre’d turned his back on the passion that had flared hot and bright between them.

A second chance at a once in a life time love.

Tre knew from the moment that he first saw Leigh stroking his half-wild horse that her elegant, delicate appearance belied the depth and strength of her spirit. He’d dared to make Leigh his own, showing loyalty to nothing and no one beyond the laws of nature that clearly decreed that she was his. But when Leigh denied what should have been undeniable, he first knew the bitter taste of betrayal.

Now a family tragedy has forced Tre and Leigh together once again. Guilt, anger and betrayal rage between them, but so does a desire hot enough to incinerate all else in its wake.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00