Chasing Carolyn

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Chasing Carolyn

Sisters of Silverwood, #4

Carolyn likes to run, and run fast. She burns out treadmills repeatedly. When she one day finds two men who can match her speed she realizes her days of being single are coming to a close. Axom and Ranal have come to vie for her affections.
Filled with the wit and humor her fans have come to know and love this book makes an enjoyable read. It was a little disappointing that the competition between Axom and Ranal seemed so short-lived. Otherwise, it is good to know that Ms. Grace’s sense of adventure is still alive and well. This book makes a pleasant addition to the Silverwood series.

Book Blurb for Chasing Carolyn

Carolyn had it all. A good life, great friends and family, and a wonderful hobby--running. With her instincts revved to the breaking point, running was her natural release for tension. The tension was caused by the two gorgeous guys who joined her gym and running club. How could she outrun her own instincts when they were screaming for her to pick one of them? Would they ever get tired of Chasing Carolyn?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.25