Cat's Eyes

Em “The Eyes” has been Andy’s partner for four years now, the best partner he’s ever had. Not only that but she is hot and has been after him for some time. But Andy doesn’t want her to get hurt like his last lover by getting involved in his crazy life so he has turned her down every time. Then things change.

This is a well-paced, enjoyable read complete with action, suspense, humor, and hot sex. The characters are well-rounded with good guys easy to root for and bad guys fun to hiss at. The differentiation between “true shifters” and werewolves was an interesting take on the genre which added even more depth to the story. Well worth the time and glad to add Ms. McHugh to my list of writers to follow.

Book Blurb for Cat's Eyes

Andy Rodriguez has always desired his partner, Emily Hawkins, but the memory of his former lover’s murder five years ago still haunts him. Em doesn’t know he’s a shape-shifter, and he has no plans to drag her into his world where a war between true shifters and werewolves constantly wages. All that changes the night a werewolf attacks Emily.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50