Lycan Warriors, Book Three - Erotic Romance

In a world where being Lycan meant you were genetically defective and fair game for any mad scientist wanting to experiment Crystoval has been held in a lab for months. Surviving past the torture and the inhuman tests, he discovers he is not the only one being held.

Shot and killed during the resistance's rebellion she is brought back to life whether she wants to be there or not. Tall, blonde, and bitchy she and Crystoval plan their revenge on the man who thought to treat them worse than animals.

The resistance's plan to overtake the government had been in progress the last time they'd been free. Now, if they wanted to be free again they had to work together to escape, determine what was going on in the world while they'd been held, and make their way back to the monster who deserved a slow and tortuous death. But Killen isn't going to be an easy one to catch.

This book follows the story begun in her books Feral and Primal. It also follows that it's just as hot and sexy as those two books were and no, I'm not going to tell you who she is - fans will want to find out for themselves! Even if you haven't read the first two, this book is a page-turner that just will not allow you to put it down until you reach the end. These two Alphas were meant to be together.

Book Blurb for Carnal

Lycan Warriors, Book Three

She went down in a hail of bullets, but even hell didn't want her.

In the eyes of the law, Cristoval is a freak who ought to be hunted down and destroyed. To the thousands who look to him for guidance and strength, he's the resistance's charismatic leader, a man who sacrificed even his own happiness for the cause. When he meets a woman who eclipses every other, a Valkyrie fierce and forceful, he knows he's been given a second chance.

To a woman who faced death and came out on top, the towering lycan with the haunted eyes is an anchor in a sea of chaos, a pillar in a world gone mad. He'd be more if she just let him. And she wants to. But the enemy has to pay for what they did to Cristoval and her, for stealing their chance, for twisting something good into an aberration.

If she has to drag her enemy down to hell herself, then she'll do it. She's been there. She knows the way.


Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00