Blood of the Beast

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Blood of the Beast

Detective Valentina Kureyev and her partner have set out to solve the worst crime imaginable. Somebody is leaving bloodless corpses all over their part of the city. All leads have resulted in dead ends and no clue as to who would perpetrate such a crime. She receives an anonymous telephone call warning her off the case at the risk of her life but she refuses. Eventually, she determines it was Professor Demetri Daskova who made that anonymous call. What does he know that he isn’t telling her and how does it affect her case?

The author pulls the reader in with this finely crafted tale of intriguing characters coupled with absorbing drama. There is painted an engaging portrait of loss and redemption. The somewhat softer voice used in the sexual encounters between the main characters lends itself to the hero’s origins depicted in the beginning of the book. Expected traits are used in unexpected ways to make this story one that will stay with the reader and lends itself to more than one visit.

Book Blurb for Blood of the Beast

Detective Valentina Kureyev had been assigned to one of the worst cases of the century. A serial killer haunted the streets, depositing bloodless corpses throughout the section of town known as Little Europe. She hadn't a clue to the identity of the culprit, as the appearance of more bodies had begun to cause terror and panic.
The case was hopeless.
The terror was real.
As real as Demetri Petronov.
The Professor of Russian Antiquities had been targeted with the murderer's special form of a calling card. Val couldn't turn away from his offer of aide in the bizarre case, even though he whispered tales of the beast feeding on human blood.
He was the primary suspect.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.25