Awakening Augusta

Augusta manages to keep her younger step-siblings fed, clothed, and housed – barely. After sending them off to a birthday party at a neighbor’s, she meets the cause of all her problems and he turns out to be…not quite what she expected.

What starts out as a disaster waiting to happen turns into something wonderful and the reader gets to go along for the ride. The story has a quick, enjoyable pace and the reader is swept along into the hot, passionate love that quickly develops. But all is not smooth sailing in this Eden as the snake pokes her head out before all things can be resolved.

Book Blurb for Awakening Augusta

Length: Novella

Regency Scotland can be a lonely place, but Augusta MacLeish has four mischievous younger siblings for company—now if she only had money to feed them! Colin Fordyce has recently inherited an earldom, along with five wards in a remote Scottish castle. When he travels to meet them, he discovers his predecessor was skimming their funds. He also learns the oldest Miss MacLeish is absolutely stunning. A knock to his head leaves him seeing two of the buxom beauty, just as one kiss from her tempting lips leaves him longing for more.

A night spent together forces Colin and Augusta to marry, leaving them all the opportunity in the world to explore the sexual hunger between them. Colin delights in teaching Augusta all the pleasures of the flesh, awakening the wanton lover beneath her ladylike veneer. From Scotland to London, the flames burning between them refuse to be doused, and oh how they will set the Ton on fire.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25