Ariella's Keeper

Book 1 in the Divinity Healers series.

Medical Supreme is all-powerful and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps, keep the power in the family. He thinks marrying his son to a woman who can’t leave the house for more than six hours will accomplish this goal. It’s too bad his son doesn’t want that power and will do just about anything to avoid it. Dr. Sebastjan Walter agrees to the marriage, he has no choice, but he has some conditions of his own.

An intriguing look at a world where dimensional planes are not only real but they can be visited on a regular basis. This is a story with a compelling hero who is determined to find his own way with the woman he cares for at his side fighting with him. Intricate maneuvering keeps the reader engaged as the clash of wills comes to a head.

Book Blurb for Ariella's Keeper

Length: Novella

When his father threatens to take away his research facility’s funding if he doesn’t come home, Dr. Sebastjan Walter has no choice but to do so. This isn’t just a family reunion. It seems his father has arranged a marriage—Sebastjan’s. Seeing his chance to make one last final deal to get his father out of his life, he agrees to marry the off-plane woman. After seeing her, he can’t help but think he’s made the better bargain.
Ariella has been held prisoner by the Medical Supreme since he cured her of a childhood illness. Forced to stay in his home as his ward, she has no choice but to do whatever he wants. When he demands she marry his son, Ariella finds this is one order she might not mind obeying.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.00