An Honoured Wife

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An Honoured Wife

Only in Ms. Grace's mind could two beings from biologically incompatible species become husband and wife, and an honored wife at that!

Things heat up, both literally and figuratively, when her rescuer shows up in the form of two Khaharim males, egg brothers to be exact. Set in the Haldis Imperium and Alliance worlds of some her other books, this journey is another remarkable ride.

Book Blurb for An Honoured Wife

Emily has been abandoned by the Alliance on a planet inhabited by a race so alien it is toxic to her. Despite their differences, she has become the honoured wife of their chief. When a shuttle caught in a comet's tail falls to the planet, it is up to Emily to rescue the inhabitants. Her talent for precognition is a liability as she foresees the inhabitants of that shuttle becoming her mates. Both of them. Will she leave her status behind to become the mate of two men she doesn't know? or will she remain on the planet to stay An Honoured Wife?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00