A Dark Seduction

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A Dark Seduction

Shields #3

In this episode we find Cole and Gabriel in 13th century England. At a local pub they discover Shannon, a 21st century Chicago native who has been transplanted to this time against her will. As they try to find out why Shannon is here, they also discover there is something with horns "like the Vikings wore" hidden behind a large fence. Add to this the disappearing villagers and you have another fast paced mystery to sweep the reader along. The sensual interludes are well spaced and charming to add additional tones to the mix.

Ms. Grant continues her series with strong characterizations and imagery that brings the reader into the story from start to finish.

Book Blurb for A Dark Seduction

Dear Friend,

Most would give all they had to be raised in the Realm of the Fae. I had no choice. I was too young to remember anything of my own realm, save for snatches of memories that could be no more than my imagination. But if it hadn't been for the Fae who found me wandering between realms after mine was destroyed, I would be dead now. It was the Fae who raised me and trained me in weaponry and battle skills until I became a warrior to be feared. When the same evil that destroyed my realm threatened Earth and the Fae, I was the first to volunteer for the Shields.

With my immortality the only link I have to my past, I take what comfort I can in the arms of women. I want nothing more than one night with them, one night to forget that I cannot remember my family, one night to take what pleasure I can. It isn't until I find Shannon that I begin to think of more than just one night in her arms.

Shannon has been brought back in time from Chicago to 1244 England because the evil knows what she is - one of the Chosen. Somehow the evil has found the Chosen before the Shields. His plan is to kill Shannon, but I won't allow that. My duty is to protect her at all costs.

I've never known fear until now - until Shannon.

Cole the Warrior

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00