The Endowed

The Endowed #1

Ok – The timeline on this story happened a bit too fast for me…but the premise was fascinating.
I'm sorry, half an hour after the heroine meets a guy, she should not calmly be discussing sleeping arrangements as if it is normal to be kidnapped by sexy vampires who ignore her for ten years and now, suddenly and tonight, want to drink her blood -- except maybe they don't and really they just want to protect her because she is the direct descendant of an immortal, and the sexual tension between them is thick enough to walk on!  Mmmm.
Interesting and full sentence I have there. 
For ten years the vampires have ignored her. But tonight, for no reason whatsoever, she's got four after her.  What changed?  Why is this story taking place NOW?  A third of the way through the story, she muses that she's come to care so much about two men -- but she hasn't met one of them yet, and the other she's known for maybe an hour, probably less.  She's talking about essentially marrying them, after one evening, and doesn't think it at all strange that she should do this.  The timing of this makes no sense to me.  Aside from that, it's not a bad vampire romance. 
The two male characters blend into each other some, even in the mind of the female lead, but they are interesting.  There are several ideas that should have been followed up on more, like the link between vampires and dragons and the history of the vampires, but it was fun, and very steamy, and the ending line made me laugh out loud.  If this story was expanded into something longer where the timing make sense and the back-story is explained more, and I'd love it much more.

Book Blurb for The Endowed

Can one strong woman accept the fact that her two alpha men require an unconventional liquid diet?

When teenager Tori Sherridan discovers there are monsters in the world, she is horrified to find she's attracted to two of them. After spending her life trying to avoid the men, she's even more shocked when, ten years later, the two in question discover her existence and don't want to let her out of their sight.

Try living life with no one to care for you. Women can't love you and won't even associate with you unless you're controlling their minds. That's what happens when you're not human. Angelo Rigatti and Ricardo Lobianco have lived that way for centuries. Can anyone blame them for being unwilling to release the one woman they can't control who hasn't run from them screaming?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25