The Diver

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The Diver

I am not sure I liked this book. It's depressing as all get out, and slow paced, and told from several viewpoints simultaneously. Like it? I'm not sure you like a book like this. It's well told, weaving together many stories in interesting ways, and always holding something back until the next turn of the page. It's about real people, with their frailties and break-points, their joys and their unexpected sorrows. Like it? I'm not sure. But it meants something.

Book Blurb for The Diver

“A wonderfully melancholy, tight and precisely constructed novel.” —Berliner Morgenpost

The Diver is a beautifully written and observed novel about Albert—eighty-two and suffering from Parkinson’s, following the death of his beloved twenty-year-old daughter, Glorie, who disappeared during a scuba dive off the Cayman Islands. Glorie had suffered from a potentially inherited and untreatable depression, and her death effectively destroyed her father and his marriage.

The Diver is a tender and insightful look into Albert’s struggle with faith, his attempts to come to terms with retirement, his failing health, and the difficulties in his ossified marriage to his wife. DuMont leads him on a journey to selfdiscovery, acceptance, and under-standing, as well as a fleeting glimpse of love with Glorie’s best friend’s mother, Lena, late in life.

This is a story about variations of love: the desperate love of an older man for this daughter, the stagnant love in a long-time marriage, and the surprising and rejuvenating love that can’t last. DuMont has delivered a delicate and sure-handed debut, elements of which are based on his own life.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 3.50