Sense and Sensibility (Harper Teen)

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Sense and Sensibility (Harper Teen)

What can one say about a classic without saying what's already been said a hundred times or a thousand? Not much. Sense and Sensibility is as lovely as always, just as interesting and wonderful and quirky and so. It's a good book. We got that already. It's got a new cover this time around, with the HarperTeen imprint, which looks like someone tried to hook visually into the Twilight phenomenon. Perhaps it will work. But there's really nothing I can add to the last 150 years of critiques of this book that hasn't been said fare more eloquently and thoughtfully by people with much more impressive degrees than mine. I guess the final comment is the same as it always has been. Go read the book. It's worth it.

Book Blurb for Sense and Sensibility (Harper Teen)

He is not the only young man in the world worth having.

Teenage sisters Marianne and Elinor Dashwood could not be more different. Marianne is passionat Se, impetuous, and recklessly romantic. Elinor is practical, thoughtful, and completely reserved. But Marianne and Elinor discover they have more in common than they thought when they both fall head over heels in love with unattainable men.

Opposites in every way except for their heartbreak, the two girls are determined to make their dreams come true. But in a society ruled by status and money, Elinor and Marianne will have to fight for the happy ending they both deserve. Through a series of romantic misadventures the girls come to realize that the key to their happiness may not lie in fiery passion or strict reason—but somewhere in between.

Jane Austen's sweepingly romantic masterpiece continues to delight generation after generation of readers. Beautifully presented for a modern teen audience, this is the must-have edition of a timeless classic.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00