Seducing the Heiress

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Seducing the Heiress

An Heiress in London Novel, Book 1

The spunky heiress freshly arrived back in England who somehow is incapable of behaving appropriately, the misunderstood rake with a hidden past in need of redemption of the monetary sort, terrible parents whose only function seems to be getting in their offspring's way -- this book has it all.

I suppose part of my problem is that I really wanted Portia and Arun to have been the main characters in this story. I felt that Arun was only really there as a plot device, which was a blooming shame. Although Olivia Drake carries this tale off with aplomb, I really would have preferred something out of the ordinary, perhaps some shaking up of society's mores, perhaps just a bit of delving into what it's like to have an interracial relationship back in the day -- something different. Not that Olivia Drake doesn't do the usual well -- in fact this story was enjoyable, interesting, and a page-turner. The ending was somewhat of a surprise, considering, but definitely worth picking up. I wonder if Arun will be matched off with someone else in a future story or if he's just a prop to be put away.

Book Blurb for Seducing the Heiress

The first in Olivia Drake’s captivating series, SEDUCING THE HEIRESS introduces a fabulously rich family of commoners who take London society by storm…and three sisters who share a dangerous secret.


Her wealth and beauty have made Miss Portia Crompton the catch of the season. Secretly determined to wed the maharajah’s son she left behind in India, Portia ignores the money-hungry bucks who ply her with bouquets and bonbons. But one suitor will not be deterred: Colin Byrd, Viscount Ratcliffe. He is persistent and presumptuous—and wickedly tempting.


Colin has no delusions about romance. He’s a rogue, a womanizer, and a murderer, and seduction comes as easily to him as breathing. Portia’s fortune is an irresistible lure until Colin’s mercenary scheme hits a snag. Winning her dowry is no longer enough—he wants her heart and her passion. The more adamant she is in her refusal, the more determined he is to seduce her...

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50