A Bad Influence

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A Bad Influence

Alistair is a geeky first year college student who is sure he’ll never be cool enough to loose his unwanted virginity. But Katie takes him under her wing, showing him around, and tolerating his crush on her. During a game of strip poker, she realizes that her skinny friend is actually very nicely built. She sets out to seduce him, quite sure that she’ll have to make all the first moves. To her surprise, Alistair is quite willing to be seduced, but is ready to do some seducing of his own. The two enjoy several sexual encounters, and both begin to fantasize about something less vanilla. Alistair is tired of Katie being the one in charge and showing him out to do things, and Katie has always fantasized about being dominated and controlled. As they explore power plays and their limits of pain and pleasure, both learn more about themselves than they had dreamed existed, even to the point of adding a close friend into their relationship, which carries with it several unanticipated and interesting problems.
Fun, fun, fun – I suspect even for those who have not ventured very far into BDSM. And is a definite turn on. Interestingly, it reminded me of parts of my college experience, including my seducing a virgin boy, only to discover that while he was more than willing to be seduced, he was less willing to let me continue to lead. Perhaps this heightened my enjoyment of the story. But a good, fast read, although some basic understanding of how consent can look like non-consent is very helpful.

Book Blurb for A Bad Influence

Alistair is shy and retiring and his first day at university is already proving harder than he’d imagined. When Katie introduces herself and helps him to enjoy the University experience he develops a serious crush, but resigns himself to the fact that he would never stand a chance with a girl like her. He might have been proved right, too, if not for a fateful game of strip poker which turns everything on its head.
Now Alistair is being pursued by Katie, but will he realise in time to do anything about it? Katie, meanwhile, is loving the thrill of the chase and the idea of corrupting an innocent virgin, but the chase doesn’t turn out quite the way she imagined. Alistair seems to be having a civilizing influence on Katie, but Katie herself is nothing but a very bad influence…
Warning: This title contains graphic language and elements of nonconsensual sex.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.50