Wild and Hexy

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Wild and Hexy

Book 2 in the Bog Knob Indiana Hex series

Vicki Lewis Thompson’s fun and s(h)exy book, Wild and Hexy, finds matchmaking couple witch and wizard, Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell, at it again in Big Knob Indiana. The second Hex series book has them trying to pair up nerdy Jeremy Dunstan, owner of the internet café Click or Treat, and golden girl Annie Winston. Annie has just returned to town for her sister’s wedding and Jeremy can’t believe his luck. He’s always had a crush on Dairy Queen (beauty queen) Annie but when they were in school he was always the class nerd and she was Miss Popularity herself. Now Annie has come back to Big Knob, newly divorced. But how will her ever get the courage to talk to her let alone hook up with her.
Dorcas and Ambrose decide to intervene with a little magic to push the two of them together.
You’ll never believe what can happen in a small town when a magical pair of matchmakers gets involved. Add in a lake monster, a dragon, and a visiting witch and the results are funny, sexy, and sometimes troublesome but always a worthwhile read.
The author has successfully created a paranormal romance with no dark foreboding, no serious issues, and no one dies or worries about dying from evil taking over the world. The characters are complete, funny and real without being dark and dangerous. The hero of the story isn’t your traditional tall, dark and handsome, he’s the nerd in the corner you normally wouldn’t notice which makes him that much more endearing.
This was a refreshing read, a perfect book for just sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the story. No complex drama or heavy issues to get involved with. My kind of book. I missed the first book, Overhexed, which came out in October 2007, I definitely want to check it out now. The next hex book, Casual Hex, is scheduled to come out in March 2009.
Vicki Lewis Thompson has been officially been added to my favorite author list.


Book Blurb for Wild and Hexy

Nerdy computer whiz Jeremy Dunstan has wanted Annie Winston since high school, but back then, he lacked the courage to woo her. Now fate has given him a second chance; Annie is returning to Big Knob for her younger sister's wedding, and Jeremy's the best man. Unfortunately, coming face to face with the woman of his dreams still has the power to turn his genius brain to mush. Perhaps what he really needs is a touch of magic.


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00