Whispers of the Flesh

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Whispers of the Flesh

A whisper of the Flesh, the third book in Louisa Burton’s Hidden Grotto series is a sensual delight. As splendidly arousing as the first two novels in the series, book three delves into the past to explore some of the Grotto’s history then returns to the present where two lovers are doomed to be kept apart until a flash back to a hippie weekend at the Grotto uncovers several truths that have been kept secret for too many years.
The first half of Whispers in the Flesh occurs in 1829 when a young Englishman has come to the Grotto posing as a landscape artist, and while his skills at landscaping are remarkable David Beckett’s true intentions are hidden from the Grotto residents. A chaste man of the cloth he is there to uncover the demons that are rumored to ravish visitors of the chateau. He may find more than he bargained for and the truth is sure to come out as his desires can no longer be hidden from sex goddess Lili or the other resident Follets.
The first half also delves into a bit of history from the reclusive Darius. We finally get to know a bit more about him, his origins, and his life. I don’t know why but Darius is the one Follet that really intrigues me, perhaps because he is such as hermit.
And for the first time Elic is jealous of one of the men Lili shows interest in. Poor Elic and Lili soul mates that can never truly be together, they can spend an eternity with each other, only to watch them constantly be with humans they are forced to mate with through the very nature of what they are while they can never truly be together physically. Sounds hellish.
The second half of the book takes place in the present with flashbacks to the 70’s. The current administrator, Emmett Archer, of the follets is dying and his daughter, Isabel, has no desire to take his place since that would mean she is doomed to watch and help the love of her life, Adrien Morel the guardian of the Grotto and the follets, find a “gifted” wife to carry on the bloodline. Since she is not “gifted” it is not to be between the two of them.
Emmett Archer’s best friend Hitch has come to the Grotto to say goodbye to his friend. Through his flashbacks we get an idea of where the story is leading by way of what really happened in the past.
Exquisitely written, the author does a seamless job of bouncing back and forth through time. Burton’s novels are tantalizing, erotic and thoroughly arousing. A true delight to read.

Book Blurb for Whispers of the Flesh

Hidden in a deep mountain valley in rural France is ancient castle known only to an exclusive few. Here, four exquisitely beautiful immortals who thrive on carnal energy captivate and ravish their human visitors, fulfilling their darkest fantasies, their most secret hungers.

A chaste young British Jesuit poses as a landscaper to investigate centuries of rumored wickedness at the château, forcing him to confront the long-sublimated desires and urges seething beneath his own pious exterior... The American daughter of the château’s dying administrator can’t bear the thought of succeeding him, since it would mean playing matchmaker to the love of her life. The roots of her dilemma, and its possible solution, hark back to a weekend in 1972 when a group of free-loving hippies descended on the château for a weekend of orgiastic revelry where every convention was broken, and nothing was taboo.

Step into the Castle of the Hidden Grotto and lose yourself in a realm of mystery, temptation, and intoxicating sensuality.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00