The Tuscan Trilogy

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The Tuscan Trilogy

The Tuscan Trilogy isn’t really a trilogy at all, it is a novel that spans over three decades in the life of an Italian peasant girl, Rosa, who loved, lost, and suffered then loved again. She went from being just a peasant girl to being married to a rich and powerful business man in England.
A self published book through LuLu I was afraid the quality of writing would not be that good. But I was delightfully surprised. It held my attention and I found myself captivated by the story wondering what was going to happen next, where was it going, where would the story end.
There were several areas that could have used some improvement. The foreshadowing is too forward, it doesn’t hint, it blurts it out then doesn’t follow through later in the story. Sometimes the descriptions and back story get in the way of the plot and story structure, we really don’t need to know the entire history of every character, especially minor ones. Also some of the words and phrasing are a bit off. I wonder if the author’s first language is English. The author bio mentions he was born in Geneva, raised in Alexandria and has lived in Tuscany, so I’m thinking perhaps not.
Even though there were minor plot problems and structure issues I still found the story itself to be touching, engaging and heartfelt at times.
I think Mr. Flower would benefit highly from an English speaking critique group and a patient and skilled editor, because his natural talent shines through he just needs a little guidance to help him become amazing. If he found someone to help and guide his writing he could surely become a brilliant author.

Book Blurb for The Tuscan Trilogy

Moving between Tuscany, London, Rome and New York, The Tuscan Trilogy recounts the joys and tragedies of a woman whom fate both cuddles and flays, of her rise from childhood poverty in Southern Italy to glittering social and and financial success in London, of the men who love her, of her sons, and of the castle in the Chianti hills where the story begins and ends.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50