The Night Clock

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The Night Clock

The Night Clock is a disjointed horror/fantasy novel chock so full of characters, rich imagery and dream details it was hard to keep track of everything and tie it all together, though in the end everything comes full circle...even if it took the long way around to get there.

A surreal venture into a world of time travel, madness, nightmares and dreams. I would label this more as a steampunkish time travel fantasy than horror even though it contained a few gruesome scenes and horror elements.

Phil Trevena works in the mental health field- and now his patients are killing themselves. Trevena has to find Daniel, together they will embark on a journey in a reality outside our own. Can they stop our world from being torn apart?

All in all, this book took too much concentration for me. I read for entertainment, this required a lot of brain power to keep track of characters and what exactly was going on.

I think this is one of those books you'll either love or hate, there's no in- between.

Book Blurb for The Night Clock

An incredible debut novel that will move and terrify you, as reality itself is threatened by a world just beyond our own.

And still the Night Clock ticks...

Phil Trevena’s boss is an idiot, his daughter is running wild, and his patients are killing themselves. There is something terrible growing in Phil that even his years as a mental health worker can’t explain - until he meets the enigmatic Daniel, and learns of the war for the minds of humanity that rages in Dark Time, the space between reality and nightmares measured by the Night Clock.

Drawn into the conflict, Phil and Daniel encounter the Firmament Surgeons, a brave and strange band that are all that prevents the nightmarish ranks of the Autoscopes overrunning us. The enemy is fuelled by a limitless hatred that could rip our reality apart. To end the war the darkness that dwells in the shadow of the Night Clock must be defeated...

Paul Meloy’s extraordinarily rich debut novel introduces us to a world just beyond our own, shattering our preconceptions about creativity and the human mind, and presenting us with a novel like no other.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00