The Art of Desire

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The Art of Desire

Cherie Feather has written a deliciously erotica tale about two unlikely pairs of lovers separated by over 100 years yet connected by similar passions of love, art, and desire.

In The Art of Desire the two sets of lovers are connected by an old journal chronicling the love affair of Catherine, a high born London society girl turned bohemian artist and Atacar her outlaw Apache Indian lover in 1895. She comes across Atacar in the wilds of America, in the Texas countryside. Her life is never the same after she meets him.

In the modern day story we meet Mandy, the good bad girl, and her sexy cowboy lover Jared who is ten years younger than her. Mandy is the director of the Santa Fe Women's art Museum and Jared is a favorite patron of the arts, wealthy from his horse farm and wild by nature.

Mandy has a painting of Atacar at the museum that was painted by Catherine. Mandy is fascinated with their story, almost obsessed with Atacar. Jared is Atacar's descendent. Mandy wants to find the journal that Catherine is rumored to have written about her affair with Atacar. Unfortunately is seems to be lost. Of course we are privy to the tale as The Art of Desire goes back and forth between the steamy affair between Jared and Mandy and the heated love affair between Catherine and Atacar as written in her journal.

Cherie Feather has written a compelling tale uniting the two worlds and making them believable and moving. It is hot and steamy, but with heart, a surprising tenderness lies underneath the eroticism that really reaches out and touches the reader. Catherine and Atacar's tale is a forbidden romance doomed from the beginning and of course ends tragically but Mandy and Jared, there lies hope. That hope runs throughout the novel, making the reader want them to go on to something more than just a wild affair.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and emotion that lies within The Art of Desire. The characters are complex and complete. They live and breathe on the page, you feel their desire and their suffering, and the story - believable, hot and touching. Catherine and Atacar's story leaves you sad and full of heartache knowing the story doesn't end well but Mandy and Jared's story.that's a wild ride. They are so erotic.and the things they'll need something to keep you cool while reading this steamy tale.

Mandy and Jared's tale is like a wild ride, that high you get when you first start dating someone and you are having sex like rabbits on ecstasy. You know that exhilarating feeling when all you want to do is be lost with that other person, lost in their touch, in the feel of them. You never plan to fall in love, then when you feel yourself on the brink of it you get scared but still can't get enough of them. that's Mandy and Jared, though they might be a lot hotter and a little kinkier than the average couple. This is a book that is passionate, full of aching desire, and oh so naughty.

Catherine and Atacar set the stage for love, loss, longing and hope. We know their scorching story ended far too soon but how will Mandy and Jared's end? Will Mandy get over the past and let herself love? Will Jared get past his fears and realize that it is OK to feel something other than lust? Can they dare to love? Or will their affair also end much too soon?

This book is full of almost non-stop sex yet somehow Cherie mixes that all in with love and longing and creates a story that will not only make you hot and bothered but it will touch your heart as well. This was a great read extremely well written. I look forward to more by this author.

Book Blurb for The Art of Desire

Museum director Mandy Cooper has always been obsessed with nineteenth-century artist Catherine Burke—and the artist’s erotically charged relationship with Atacar, her enthralling American Indian lover. But Mandy’s link to the legendary couple runs deeper than she knows. She’s having a heated affair herself—with Jared Cabrillo, Atacar’s perilously handsome great-great nephew. And the consuming passion Atacar once used to seduce Catherine is now being engaged by Jared. He knows precisely what it takes to move a woman… He’s in possession of Catherine’s wildly explicit journal. He knows every intimate detail of what she wanted and needed. But he also knows how desperately Catherine had loved Atacar and how dangerously he’d loved her. The journal is timeless and tragic, and the secrets contained within its pages can bring Mandy and Jared together, or just as surely destroy them both—desire by shocking desire.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.25