Night After Night

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Night After Night

Book 5 (final book) in the Brotherhood of the Blood Series

Night After Night, the final book in The Brotherhood of the Blood series, focuses on Temple, the leader of the vampire brotherhood and the protector of the Blood Grail.
Temple has been abducted and held hostage by the Order of the Silver Palm. Throughout the first four novels we discover he has been taken but we learn nothing else about his whereabouts or his status except that he melted down the grail and sent a piece to each of the other four vampires before the Order took him.
Night After Night opens with Temple in a cage being taken care of by Vivian. Vivian is obviously different, but she doesn’t even know the extent of it, but her keeper Rupert Villiers does, unbeknownst to her. He has been like a father to her, taking care of her, teaching her, but she doesn’t understand why he’s holding Temple in a cage when he doesn’t seem all that bad. He can’t really be the monster Rupert says he is, can he?
Vivian hopes not since she finds herself powerfully attracted to Temple and subconsciously aids in his escape from The Order of Silver Palm and her guardian, Rupert.
Rupert sends her after Temple and there’s where things really start heating up. There’s a powerful attraction between Temple and Vivian, one that is much too strong to deny, but even though the lust is there can they trust each other? It seems not.
Everything that happened in the other books in this series has led to this final book. If you haven’t read Kathryn Smith’s short story in the Weddings from Hell anthology you must before reading this book. That prequel introduces you to some of the major players in this book and plays a major role in why Rupert is so hell bent on destroying the vampires.

Book Blurb for Night After Night

Temple is the leader of the Brotherhood of the Blood. He's appointed himself protector of the Blood Grail, the cup that turned him and his brethren into vampires. Now the Order of the Silver Palm is after the Grail, and Temple. Vivian has been an outsider all her life, until the Order took her in. They transformed her from a poor farm girl to a woman who is as comfortable with a blade as well as a tea cup. Now she is their assassin, and they've sent her after Temple. Neither could have imagined the attraction to one another. They were on different sides, fighting for different things, and yet, they are drawn to each other. Has the assassin fallen in love with her target? Does her target have an ulterior motive? Or was their love destined to be?

About the Author

My husband says I have the best job in the world. The only thing that could top being paid to do what I love is if Avon Books decided that all their authors had to be hand-fed chocolate by Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, or John Cusack. But my husband probably wouldn't think so much of my job then, so instead I'll let him feed me chocolate and go on being forever thankful that I have the best job—and husband—in the world.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.75