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Sassy, sexy and slightly snarky Necking is a fun debut novel from Chris Salvatore.

Gia Felice is uber publicist for Speculation- a publisher that specializes in authors who are specialists in paranormal and otherworldly activites. Extreme specialists considering that most of them are vampires, werewolves, witches or aliens. A human publicist really has to stay on her toes amid such dangerous clients. She also has to know when to keep her distance.

Too bad when it comes to Johnny, the vampire manager of her vampire author Belladonna Nightshade, Gia just can't seem to keep enough space between them. In fact all she wants to do is get real up close and extremely personal with him. Even if doing so could result in her untimely death.

To complicate her life even further Gia has managed to put herself on the radar of the bigeest, baddest vamp out there. He would love nothing more than to turn Gia's Rolodex of clients into his own personal smorgasbord  because this vamp has a taste for something richer than plain human blood and loves the thrill and challenge of killing other vampires, werewolves, witches and anything else that gets on his radar. Gia could be his own personal "eat here" road map. What kind of publicist would she be if she let all her clients get munched on? Not a good one that's for sure. So Gia has to join forces to take down the bad guy while trying to figure out what to do about Johnny.

Salvatore has written a fun paranormal romance with a few urban fantasy twists. She took the basic premise of human woman meets vampire man, finds him  irresistible though she needs to resist him in order to save her life, then tossed in a bunch of vampire cliches, mixed it all into the world of publishing- and made it work.

Salvatore's experience as a publicist came in handy when creating a well rounded character in Gia. And I love Gia's best friend, Lola the werewolf. Great chemistry between the characters make for enjoyable reading.

Necking was a great read that didn't bite or suck- even though there's a lot of biting and sucking going on in the book.

Book Blurb for Necking


Gia Felice has a Rolodex full of vampires, werewolves, witches,and aliens—not to mention the livestock suppliers, to the hotels, and sleazy bars that cater to her clients’ more carnal needs. Sometimes being the premier book publicist tothe underworld can suck—literally. Especially if you’re human. Especially if you’ve got the hots for irresistible Johnny and his sly half smile that shows just a little fang. Her best friend, Lola, a werewolf, can’t talk any sense into her, and now Gia’s agreed to help Belladonna Nightshade, a New YorkTimes bestselling vampire author, find the supernatural killing machine who changed Bella centuries ago . . . if he doesn’t find Gia first. Yesterday, Gia’s biggest problem was how to get an alien with a metal skeleton through airport security. Today she’s got a bloodthirsty boyfriend dying to get into her pants, and an evil, centuries-old vampire on the hunt for her. Who knew publicity was such a deadly business?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50