Give Up the Ghost

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Give Up the Ghost

A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, #6

Give Up the Ghost is another excellent installment in the Haunted Home Renovation Mystery Series. Juliet Blackwell has one again created a haunting mystery filled with ghosts, murder, and a touch of romance. She always leaves me guessing and wondering who did it. I love that the murderer is never obvious and the story is always new while holding onto the cozy mystery format. And this one added a twist I wasn't expecting in the romance department. I'm excited to see how this will play out for Mel in future books.

Give Up the Ghost starts with a psychic recommending Mel Turner to a wealthy client. She thinks Mel can get rid of the ghost problem San Francisco millionaire Andrew Stirling has been having at his renovated Victorian mansion in Pacific Heights. He wants to sell but no one wants to buy a $29 Million Dollar haunted house. Mel checks out the mansion and is astonished at the renovations that have been done and that she is being asked to find some of the old pieces of the mansion they ripped out. She wonders why certain items are so important.

Mel goes to meet with the psychic Chantelle, to discuss the haunting and the items she needs to replace in the mansion only to find the psychic stabbed to death with a handsome man standing over her.

Once again Mel has found a dead body and a haunted house, the two have to be connected somehow. Can she solve the murder and get rid of the ghost or will she be too distracted by budding romance and a request from her bestie Luz to get rid of another ghost at a student apartment?

Murder and ghost whispering shenanigans ensue in this fast and fun read that'll keep you flipping pages and wondering who did it right up to the big reveal.

Book Blurb for Give Up the Ghost

From the New York Times bestselling author of Keeper of the Castle, San Francisco contractor and ghost whisperer Mel Turner must solve a murder mystery at a haunted mansion in the Pacific Heights...

San Francisco millionaire Andrew Flynt wants to sell his Victorian mansion, but ghostly music, the squeaking of a long-disappeared weathervane, and an angry ghost keep running off potential buyers. After a famous psychic is called in, she informs the Flynts that their multi-million-dollar renovations to “update” the home have left its resident ghost extremely agitated. So contractor Mel Turner is engaged to track down and replace some of the original features of the house. 

But when the beautiful psychic is found stabbed, it appears someone had a very human motive for murder. Now Mel must use her ghost whispering gift to uncover the secrets of the haunted house on the hill, and her sleuthing skills to catch a killer.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00