Dark Side of Dawn

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Dark Side of Dawn

The Nightmare Chronicles, book 2

The second book of Kathryn Smith's Nightmare Chronicles, Dark Side of Dawn, opens with Dawn in the Dreamworld training with Verek, another Nightmare, a very sexy Nightmare.

Dawn is the daughter of Morpheus, King of Dreams, the God of the Dreamworld and all Dreamkin. She is half human, half Dreamkin- a one of a kind. There are no other half-breeds but Dawn does learn in this book she has Dreamkin siblings. I question where they are and why she is the only one that seems to be treated as royalty but I suppose more about that will come about in future books.

In Dark Side of Dawn, she is trying to fit into her role as the daughter of Morpheus and learn more about who and what she is and what she can do, while still living in the normal world and living a normal life, too. Some days that can be pretty difficult. Especially after her boyfriend, Noah's, ex-wife Amanda is raped and Dawn feels the need to help her. Add to that the Warden of the Dreamworld  and the Nightmare Council is out to get Dawn- really out to get her, The Warden wishes to have Dawn unmade.

Life gets pretty complicated for Dawn in this book.

Kathryn Smith really knows how to tell a story. I love the fact that this series is unlike any other I have read- A Nightmare in the Dreamworld? That is a great concept, superb idea and Smith delivers with excellent books that build a complex and complete world in which Nightmares exist but they aren't anything like what you'd imagine.

In Dark Side of Dawn Smith really opens of the Dreamworld to readers as we learn more about Dawn's family lineage and the other types of Dreamkin that exist. In many ways we learn right along with Dawn because she doesn't know much of anything about the Dreamworld or her father, childhood resentment kept her from learning but she knows she must in order to survive- and help her family who is threatened. There are those who would like to see Morpheus destroyed, if that's even possible.

Dark Side of Dawn was an excellent read I couldn't put down until I finished the book. I kept wanting to know more, I wanted to know who was going to win, how things were going to turn out, and what else would be revealed.

Dawn's world just kept getting more complex and I was on the edge of my seat along for the same roller coaster ride she was experiencing.

This page turner really kept me reading right to the last page which turns out to be a cliffhanger.

I am looking forward to more books in this series. Kathryn Smith never disappoints.

Book Blurb for Dark Side of Dawn

Life can be a Nightmare – literally...

Dawn Riley saved herself and her boyfriend Noah from a Night Terror bent on crossing over into the real world. You'd think she would be safe now, but now there's a price to be paid. The Nightmare Council claims she's broken their laws and is threatening to have her 'unmade' And as if that's not bad enough, there's a real world villain whom Dawn needs to find before he finds her. At this point the best Dawn can hope for is not to die in her sleep.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50