The Niteclif Evolutions, Book 2

Wrath is book two in the Niteclif series and I enjoyed reading it quite a lot. The character Maddy grew on me mainly because she toughened up and finally defended herself. I enjoyed the way author Denise Tompkins continued to build upon the relationship between Maddy and Hellion because it felt more real and genuine than the relationship she had with Bahlin. Wrath was much more evenly paced which made it so easy to follow what was happening. There was no shortage whatsoever of conflict and surprises that I honestly never saw coming.

Book Blurb for Wrath

Haunted by personal betrayal, stalked by a murderer and taunted by destiny. Finding justice—not to mention a little faith—has never been so hard.

A murderer is terrorizing the streets of London, targeting women who look suspiciously like Maddy. Under the mantle of darkness, the killer attacks his victims from behind, severing their heads with startling efficiency and single-minded brutality. A single gold coin is left at the scene of every crime, buried in the neck of each victim. Nothing adds up, and the deeper Maddy gets into the investigation, the more she learns that there are hostile eyes in every faction—some malicious, others murderous.

Amid her struggles to stop a seemingly unstoppable killer, Maddy learns that dreams are far too fragile to juggle. Her newfound love is crumbling around her under the burdens of guilt and blame, and where one man abandons her, another is slated by the gods to take his place. Defiant, Maddy finds her struggles with free will versus destiny have only just begun.

Figuring out whom she should trust, and when, will force Maddy to reassess her alliances…and reaffirm her fragile mortality.

Warning: Contains Scottish and Irish brogues, heads that—literally—roll, seriously random acts of violence, heartbreak and hope, explicit m/f sex in a variety of locations, a voyeuristic vampire and one dinner table that will never be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00