The Shadowy Horses

The thing that first made me want to read this book was the fact it was set in Scotland. After reading a few chapters I became engrossed in the storyline which I found to be incredibly interesting because I have always enjoyed learning new things that relate to the histories and cultures of far away places. While reading Shadowy Horses I felt as if I had been transported to Scotland and that I was able to watch the story unfold in front of my very own eyes.

Book Blurb for The Shadowy Horses

Verity Grey abandons her comfortable job at the British Museum to seek adventure on an archaeological dig in the wilds of Scotland. But when she arrives on site, she discovers that the excavation is being led by a discredited and eccentric old man who has forsaken scientific evidence. Instead, the entire team is following the word of a local boy who claims that he saw a ghostly Roman soldier in the fields.

As she becomes entangled in a subtle web of treachery and danger, Verity begins to believe that there is a Roman sentinel haunting the site. And he's there to do more than guard the bodies of his fallen comrades...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50