Scratch the Surface

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Scratch the Surface

The Wolf Within, #2

Scratch the Surface began somewhat slow but the pace of the book sped up very quickly. I was pleased with how the author included a brief overview of the events that took place in the previous book. The two main characters Constance and Liam became much more complex characters in Scratch the Surface. I particularly enjoyed how the people from both Liam's and Constance's past were written into the story. The way the relationship between Liam and Constance grew throughout the story was done brilliantly as was how they were both able to move forward with their lives and leave behind all of the pain and loss.

Constance finally knows the truth about the deaths of her bondmates. Now she must face the person responsible as well as her former pack members. Thankfully, she has her new bondmate by her side to help her deal with these new complications and revelations. Will Constance and Liam finally be able to let go of past betrayals and find what they both deserve - happiness?

Book Blurb for Scratch the Surface

Something's rotten in the Riverglow pack.

Still learning more about each other as bond mates and adjusting to their new roles as Advisors to a Councilor, Constance Newcastle and Liam Murphy must deal with the ghosts of their past.

A quiet weekend in Boston is anything but that, when Constance comes face to face with the betrayal of those she considered the closest to her. Everyone has secrets, and wherever Constance goes, she has a knack for uncovering them. The only problem is that some secrets are deadly.

WARNING: Strong language, sexual situations, and a lot of graphic shoe description.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 3.50