Path of Smoke

A Novel of the Parallel Parks, #2

Path of Smoke started off slow but picked up speed after a couple of chapters. Despite having read the previous book in this series, I was still slightly confused by the parallel worlds.

Once I got over my confusion, I found Path of Smoke to be a decent read with a good plot and solid characters. This is not a standalone book. I recommend reading Pile of Bones before picking up Path of Smoke.

Book Blurb for Path of Smoke

In Wascana Park, they’re ordinary university students. But after midnight, when the park transforms into the magical kingdom of Anfractus, they become warriors, bards, and archers in a real-life role-playing game?

The company of heroes has thwarted the plan of the power-hungry basilissa to conquer Anfractus, but not without a cost. Andrew’s character, Roldan, died, leaving him cut off from the mystical realm without any memory of its existence. If the others reveal the park’s magical nature to Andrew, his banishment will become permanent. So they must hide their nighttime adventures?and hope that his memory returns.

Pursued by the basilissa’s forces, the rest of the group keeps a low profile in Anfractus until they uncover an unholy alliance between their enemy and the silenoi, satyrlike creatures who hunt humans?an alliance that threatens to cross the barrier into the real world.

And while his friends struggle to prevent an invasion in both worlds, Andrew receives a visitor determined to restore his memory of Anfractus by leading him down a very dark path

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 3.50