The Niteclif Evolutions, Book 1

Legacy by Denise Tompkins was an enjoyable book that didn't lack in conflict or vividness. The descriptions of what takes place during the book were well constructed and for the most part I found the characters likable and the plot easy to follow. Once I got midway through Legacy is when my interest began to wan. All of the interactions from the middle of the book and on felt like the same conflict was repeating over and over. I also found the main character of Maddy to be less likable than she was when I began Legacy. However, Denise Tompkins has a strong writing style and voice which makes it very likely I will read future books by her.

Book Blurb for Legacy

When Fate makes you her bitch, accept it and adapt. Or die.

Looking back on the wish she made on Midsummer’s Eve, Maddy Niteclif should have been more specific. She only wanted to escape the shadowy nightmares that plagued her nights, not to be thrust into a completely altered reality.

If a strangely familiar, sexy dragon-shifter named Bahlin, who causes a never-to-be-mentioned-again fainting spell, isn’t enough to make her question her sanity, his insistence she’s the Niteclif ought to do the job. Prophesied super-sleuth of the supernatural world—a world that desperately needs her help—isn’t a job she’s remotely qualified for no matter what her family tree says.

Catapulted into a very different London ruled by dark mythology, mystery and murder, Maddy makes a few startling discoveries. Paranormal creatures exist. Getting shot really sucks. And her body responds remarkably well to dragon magic—in more ways than simple wound healing.

But in this kill-or-be-killed world, reality bites. And Maddy must choose to go back to what she knows…or stay and fight for the man she knows she can’t live without.

Warning: This book contains a shape-shifting dragon with a Scottish accent, modern and archaic weapons, global inter-species politics that make democracy seem mild, some very steamy sex underground, a severed head, murder, and…oh yeah…a woman caught in the middle of it all.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50