Ghost Town

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Ghost Town

While I found this book enjoyable at the same time I was a bit disappointed that it didn't focus more on the supernatural aspects. However, I did like the similarities between Ghost Town and the show hosted by the authors. The quirky cast of characters was definitely my favorite part of this spooky tale.

Book Blurb for Ghost Town

From the stars of the SyFy network’s popular show Ghost Hunters, the second novel in a new spine-tingling supernatural series.

When Amber, Drew, and Trevor are invited to a paranormal conference in the most haunted town in America, they confront a murderous ghost called the Dark Lady and her human servant: Amber’s abusive ex-boyfriend Mitch. The three friends must stop the Dark Lady before she destroys the entire town, and they'll have the help of a surprising and spooky ally….

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00