Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights

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Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights

Fabled Firefighters, Faeries, and Knights is a trilogy of short stories by Ellen Margret. Each story had its own setting and unique cast of characters. For me, it was a fairly quick read that was made enjoyable by injecting some humor into each story. Each story was well paced with a solid beginning, middle, and end. The conflict and character motivation added more layers to each story, making them more enjoyable.

Book Blurb for Fabled Firefighters, Faeries and Knights

Ben Enigma and the Faery Princess:

Ben Enigma routinely used his shape shifting ability to aid the police in their investigations. However, his biggest challenge was to help Cettia, a banished faery princess, return to her realm and attempt to depose Queen Corvusa, her tyrannical stepmother. This mission was not going to be easy, but falling in love with the faery most certainly was.

Statue with a Heart:

Royce made the mistake of threatening a witch. As punishment, she cast a spell that turned him to stone. He remained that way for over eight hundred years, watching as Della, his beautiful forest nymph, danced naked around him. It was more than he could bear. How he desperately ached to love her as a mortal man!

The Search for Yuala:

Rad is a firefighter who also practices Shamanism and is able to turn himself into a cat, wolf or any human being. Eva Valens, a beautiful police inspector, sees possibilities in this and persuades Rad to help in police investigations. Very soon both are in love, but when his ex-wife and Eva's ex-husband show up, things begin to go wrong and their love is tested. Will they ever find happiness together?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00