Blackbird Fly

Blackbird Fly is a powerful story that I liked very much. The main character Apple is sure to be a character that many pre-teen girls will relate to. This story made me feel many different things while I was reading Apple's story. The plot of Blackbird Fly is just as powerful as the characters and the message that should be taken from reading this book.

Apple will be easy for readers to relate to because she deals with issues that anyone who reads Blackbird Fly has or is currently dealing with.

Book Blurb for Blackbird Fly

Future rock star, or friendless misfit? That's no choice at all. Apple Yengko moved from the Philippines to Louisiana when she was little, and now that she is in middle school, she grapples with being different, with friends and backstabbers, and with following her dreams.

Apple has always felt a little different from her classmates. Her mother still cooks Filipino foods, speaks a mix of English and Cebuano, and chastises Apple for becoming "too American." It becomes unbearable in middle school, when the boys—the stupid, stupid boys—in Apple's class put her name on the Dog Log, the list of the most unpopular girls in school. When Apple's friends turn on her and everything about her life starts to seem weird and embarrassing, Apple turns to music. If she can just save enough to buy a guitar and learn to play, maybe she can change herself. It might be the music that saves her . . . or it might be her two new friends, who show how special she really is. Erin Entrada Kelly deftly brings Apple's conflicted emotions to the page in her debut novel about family, friendship, popularity, and going your own way.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00