Shoregrave, #1

One of the things that mad this so enjoyable and exciting to read is the fact that the author introduced a rarely used paranormal species. Wraiths don’t usually have any dialogue or real interactions with the other characters. The character of Nicomedes was so creepy because of how detailed the description of Nicomedes was. The pace of the story moved along quickly but I was still able to follow what was happening without any problems. Each character contributed to making Afterlife such an entertaining read that I can see myself rereading.

Yasmin is a wraith who stumbles across a spirit of a little girl who is searching for her killer, leaving destruction in her wake during one of her hunts. While trying to find out what is happening in Shoregrave, Yasmin discovers something that throws her world into shambles. Toss in vampires, ghosts, and other supernatural beings and you have one very thrilling and entertaining story.

Book Blurb for Afterlife

Yasmin Stoker is a ghost tour guide who spends her days showing tourists around Shoregrave's haunted hotspots. She also happens to be a wraith who spends her nights hunting Revenants, newly-risen flesh-eating vampires. On one of her regular hunts, she witnesses a mysterious ghostly girl pulling the body of a teenage boy underground. Who and what is this girl, and why is she attacking men around the city? Yasmin investigates, but it quickly becomes clear that somebody wants to keep her from finding the killer and they'll do anything-including ambushing her with ghouls and cacodaemons-to stop her.

With only a persistent private eye and a taciturn vampire (one of the Immaculate, no less) to help her, Yasmin must deal with fanatical necromancers, crazed ghosts, and a sexy history teacher in her quest to solve the mystery. And along the way she uncovers some heartbreaking truths about her own existence.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00