The Thrill of the Haunt

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The Thrill of the Haunt

A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

EJ Copperman is back with the fifth installment of the popular “Haunted Guesthouse” series! Victorian guesthouse proprietor (or is it proprietress?) Allison Kerby wants to live a semi-normal life, but with resident ghosts Paul and Maxie nearby and two cases to investigate, is such a thing possible? The story is split between two main plots – the stabbing of a homeless man and the tailing of a man whose wife suspects he’s cheating on her – and believe it or not, they tie together at the end.

Copperman, as per usual, blends comedy and drama and weaves a clever plot. The Haunted Guesthouse series is light entertainment, a perfect cozy mystery read. I can’t say enough about this series, except to say if you haven’t picked one up by now, you are missing a sensational read. We give THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT a definite four and a half paws! – Rocco LoTempio

Book Blurb for The Thrill of the Haunt

Alison Kerby’s guesthouse is already crowded with spirits. The last thing she needs is a whole new batch of haunts settling in.

As Alison’s reputation as ?the ghost lady” grows, so does her business?and not always in a way she’d like. Tourists may be flocking to her guesthouse for a chance to glimpse her resident spirits, but her special abilities are also bringing unwanted private investigation cases to her door. And she has no choice but to take a case when the local homeless man is found murdered under mysterious circumstances, just hours after asking for help in exorcising a specter.

If that weren’t enough to deal with, Alison’s other PI case soon turns fatal, as the mistress she was spying on for a jealous wife turns up dead as well. The cases seem like they couldn’t possibly be linked, but with a mountain of clues, motives and suspects?both living and dead?Alison will have to think fast before someone else checks out for good

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50