The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim

A Cats in Trouble Mystery, #6

Jillian Hart and her brood of cats are back in another mystery! This time the story focuses on Clyde, a loveable runaway who’s returned to his former master’s home to not only find him dead, but another body too! Jillian takes Clyde in and quickly becomes enmeshed in trying to find out whodunit – with a lively, quirky cast of suspects that consist mainly of the dead man’s family. Oh, and there’s also an annoying reporter named Emily thrown into the mix for good measure!

Leann Sweeney’s Cats in Trouble series has just the right blend of humor and mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed this instalment, as will fans of the series. For those unfamiliar, it’s a good way to become acquainted with Jillian and company! A definite four paws! - Rocco LoTempio

Book Blurb for The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim

Heir of the cat...

When Clyde the cat travels two hundred miles back home only to find his former owner dead, the story makes national news. While everyone seems eager to tell Clyde’s incredible tale, someone needs to step up to care for him. Because the media attention is creating chaos at the local shelter, cat quilter Jillian Hart agrees to foster the loyal orange tabby, hoping his location is kept secret.

But while the media circus around Clyde continues, Jillian learns the real story behind his owner’s death?he was murdered. Why would an eldery man already dying from a serious illness become a murder victim? As the local police search for an answer, Clyde makes another escape. Jillian is drawn into the case when she finds Clyde has returned to his home again?and he’s found another body. When the motive behind these murders is finally revealed, Jillian understands Clyde is in danger of becoming the next victim, and she must help find the killer before the claws really come out.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00