Old Haunts

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Old Haunts

A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

Fans of EJ Copperman (and even new converts) will be thrilled with the latest installment in his "Haunted Guesthouse" series. All their favorite characters are back, including a few new ones - and who doesn't love a trouble-making ex-husband? Copperman shows his skill at light mysteries with an entertaining read that never disappoints. His character development skills are top-notch, and the injected "dry" humor always delivers. If this is your first taste it's not necessary to read the books in order, but recommended if you want to keep the character's relationships straight. Those looking for a light read or some pure escapism will fnd it with EJ Copperman. All in all, OLD HAUNTS is like an old friend (or your snuggy blanket) - dependable, solid, and just what you need it to be - Rocco LoTempio

Book Blurb for Old Haunts

The ghosts haunting Alison Kerby's Jersey Shore guesthouse are sad. Maxie wants to know who murdered her ex-husband, and Paul pines for his still-living almost-fiancee. The only one who isn't missing her ex is Alison-because The Swine just arrived on her doorstep...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00