Occult and Battery

A Bay Island Psychic Mystery, #2

Lena Gregory gives us the second entry in her Bay Island Psychic Mystery series. Cass is hosting a murder mystery weekend at a haunted mansion. Complicating things is the arrival of her ex-husband and his wife. Shortly afterward one of the guests is found dead, and a blizzard traps everyone in the house. Cass must use her gift to figure out who did the deed before more disaster strikes!

I enjoy the supernatural, so I was naturally drawn to this book. The characters are sufficiently quirky and the plot held my interest. I would definitely read more by this author! Four stars! – ROCCO LOTEMPIO

Book Blurb for Occult and Battery

A murder mystery weekend becomes a little too real in the latest Bay Island Psychic Mystery from the author of Death at First Sight—

Cass Donovan uses her skills as a former psychiatrist to get away with pretending to be psychic, but she’s not about to let anyone get away with murder...

The outlook is not so good for Cass’s psychic shop, Mystical Musings. With winter winds discouraging tourists from riding the ferry from Long Island to Bay Island, Cass hopes to draw in more customers by hosting a murder mystery weekend, complete with a séance, in a supposedly haunted mansion.

But Cass begins to lose her spirit when her ex-husband shows up, along with his fiancée—Cass’s ex-best friend. Then, after one of the guests is found dead, a blizzard blows in, trapping everyone inside with a murderer. Now Cass must divine who did the deed before her reputation and her livelihood fade away.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00