If You've Got It, Haunt It

A Haunted Vintage Mystery

In this first of a new series by Rose Pressey we meet vintage clothing owner Cookie Chanel, owner of a clothing store entitled, appropriately, “It’s Vintage, Y’All”. Cookie is on her way to the estate sale of the late Charlotte Meadows, the biggest realtor in Sugar Creek, SC, who has apparently been strangled to death. While browsing the racks, Cookie encounters Charlotte’s ghost, who has a mission for her – she wants Cookie to help her find who killed her.

It’s been said that Rose Pressey’s books are fun and I have to agree. The story whizzes along, aided by a cast of appropriately quirky characters: Heather, Cookie’s friend who operates a New age shop and Wind Song, a kitten who adopts Cookie and who seems to have supernatural powers herself. Cookie ambles through the mystery with style, accumulating suspects, and drawing the attention of police detective Dylan Valentine (whom she sells a vintage outfit to). There are enough details included about vintage clothing to make the most die-hard of fashionistas salivate. If you enjoy light mysteries with a dash of humor and romance, this is the series for you. Four Stars – ROCCO LOTEMPIO

Book Blurb for If You've Got It, Haunt It

Cookie Chanel has a passion for fashion—and a murder mystery to solve!

Cookie Chanel has opened her own vintage clothing boutique, It’s Vintage, Y’All, in the charming town of Sugar Creek, Georgia. Always on the lookout for stylish second-hand steals, she attends the estate sale of deceased socialite Charlotte Meadows. But she gets a lot more than she bargained for when Charlotte’s ghost appears before her—offering fashion advice and begging Cookie to find out who murdered her.

As the persistent poltergeist tags along and a possibly psychic pussycat moves into the shop, Cookie sorts through racks of suspects to see who may be hiding some skeletons in the closet. Do a clothing store owner and a disembodied socialite have a ghost of a chance of collaring a killer—or will Cookie’s life be the next one hanging by a thread?

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Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00