From Fear to Eternity

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From Fear to Eternity

An Immortality Bites Mystery, #3

From Fear to Eternity is the third offering in Michelle Rowan’s Immortality Bites paranormal mystery series which chronicles the adventures of fledgling vampire Sarah Dearly and her master vampire husband Thierry. They’ve been summoned to attend an auction where a valuable amulet that Thierry has been after for centuries is up for grabs. Seems the amulet contains a powerful djinn who can grant the owner three wishes. Once there, they run into Atticus, Thierry’s boss at the Ring and a shady character, the host, Sebastian, whom Terry sired and a shady character, and Thierry’s ex-wife, Veronique, who’s maybe not so shady but always interesting, as well as assorted others. In a nutshell, the amulet turns up missing and Sarah discovers a disembodied head in a freezer – then the group learns that unless they find the amulet and restore the escaped djinn into it by dawn a (cue soap opera music) DISASTER WILL BEFALL ALL OF THEM!

It’s always fun to watch Rowen put Sarah and Thierry through their paces which she does each time with gusto. This adventure is particularly fast moving. I especially liked the part where Veronique’s memoir (disguised as fiction) comes to life within the walls of the mansion and her sire and one true love returns. There are plenty of twists and turns until the person behind it all is revealed. Can Thierry overcome his thirst? Will they all make it out of the mansion alive? Will Sarah and Thierry survive to have even more thrilling adventures? You’ll have to buy the book and find out. Clue: Rowen never disappoints, just keeps getting better and better. We can only hope we haven’t seen the last of Sarah Dearly! Four Paws! - Rocco Lotempio

Book Blurb for From Fear to Eternity

Newlywed vampires Sarah and Thierry de Bennicoeur have their whole undead lives ahead of them. And with Thierry’s job as a consultant for the Ring sending them across the globe to solve one vampire crisis after another, eternity may never have a dull moment.

Sarah was hoping the honeymoon would literally last forever, but when Thierry receives a mysterious invitation to an auction held in an old Beverly Hills mansion, it’s clearly time to get back to work. Thierry hopes to win a powerful amulet containing a wish-granting djinn that has eluded him for centuries. Unfortunately, Atticus Kincade, head of the vampire council, also has his eye on the item.

When the auction’s host reveals his unpleasant history with Thierry, and Sarah discovers a talking head in the freezer, things get even weirder than usual. But when the amulet goes missing, and everyone is suddenly trapped inside the mansion, the undead guests find themselves in mortal danger?and Sarah had better be careful what she wishes for.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00