Deadly Forecast

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Deadly Forecast

A Psychic Eye Mystery, #11

In the eleventh offering in Victoria Laurie’s NYT Bestselling Psychic eye series, the author brings her flair for building suspense to a new level! With only a few weeks to go until Abby and her FBI guy, Dutch Rivers, say their “I do’s” she’s got a psychic sensation that Dutch’s life is in danger, and it somehow centers around their wedding. Dutch is working on a case involving a suicide bomber, and Abby feels the only way to keep him safe is for her to become involved –little does she know her feeling is right on the money – she’s just a little off on the target...

Fans of the series will love the way Laurie builds suspense, and they will especially love how Laurie switches back and forth between the time leading up to the wedding and the investigation that started a few weeks earlier. To give away more would be a definite spoiler…but fans will also love the fact that characters from Laurie’s Ghost Hunter series, MJ and Gilley, make an appearance. Laurie has another winner!

A definite five paws!

Rocco Lotempio

Book Blurb for Deadly Forecast

The New York Times bestselling author of the ?fabulous whodunit”* Lethal Outlook is back with her newest Psychic Eye Mystery. Wedding bells are ringing for psychic Abigail Cooper, but her senses are tingling that fiancé Dutch is in danger?.

It’s said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, but Abby sees something darker than storm clouds on the horizon. She’s just had a disturbing premonition of her fiancé’s murder. Her husband-to-be has been assigned to a case involving a series of suicide bombings, and Abby’s spirit guides warn her of imminent danger.

FBI agent Dutch Rivers is keeping his cool, but Abby can’t quell her anxiety. After another suicide bombing at a local beauty salon, Abby vows to do everything in her power to keep Dutch safe and get him to the altar. But on the morning of the ceremony, she finds herself in a dire situation, with time running out?.

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Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00