Class Reunions Are Murder

A Poppy McAllister Mystery, #1

his book debuted in January but I only just got around to reading it now. Widowed Poppy McAllister agrees to go to her class reunion to help out a friend, and ends up the chief suspect in the "bad girl's" murder. Interesting take on the genre, with the sleuth being slightly overweight (and with lots of references to that) and also being a widow, which few sleuths in the cozy mystery genre are. People can relate to the frenetic Poppy and her problems, and enjoy watching her clear her name. Four Paws.

Book Blurb for Class Reunions Are Murder

For fortysomething Poppy McAllister, taking a stroll down memory lane in Cape May, New Jersey, isn’t just awkward—it’s deadly.

Newly widowed and stuck in a middle-aged funk, Poppy has been running on cookies, infomercials, and one-sided chats with her cat for months. There’s no way on earth she’s attending her twenty-five-year class reunion—especially after receiving a very bizarre letter from Barbie, the popular cheerleader who taunted her all through high school. At least, not until Poppy’s best friend practically drags her to the event . . .

Using the dreaded homecoming as an excuse to visit her eccentric Aunt Ginny, Poppy vows to leave Cape May with pride and Spanx intact. Too bad Barbie is still the queen of mean at the reunion. And worse, that her dead body is lying right in front of Poppy’s old locker. Singled out as the killer, it’s up to Poppy to confront her past and clear her name. But between protecting her aunt from disaster and tackling a gluten-free diet, can Poppy crack the case before she’s voted “Most Likely to Die” by the murderer?

Includes Seven Recipes from Poppy’s Kitchen!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.00