Warrior's Moon

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Warrior's Moon

A Children of the Moon Novel, #5

This is the fifth installment of Ms. Monroe's Children of the Moon series. It is a great story about a lost love that is found again. Ms. Monroe weaves a world that is filled with different types of shifters with humans none the wiser. There are the shifters who want to live in peace with the humans around them and then there are the ones who want to make humans their slaves. I loved the previous books but if you have not read them, you can still pick up this one and read it. But I recommend that you read the first books in the series and you will be hooked.

Shona is human and Caelis is Foal, a wolf shifter. They are in love and want to marry. But the clan laird and pack alpha tells him no, that a human can't mate a human and that if they did they would never have any children. The Macleod Laird thinks that humans and shifters should not mix and that humans are below shifters. When Shona tells Caelis that she is carrying his child, he breaks thing off with her telling her that there is no way it is his. Shona and her family leave Scotland and head to England. Shona marries an older man who already has a grown son. When her husband dies, her step-son not only wants to make her his mistress, but he also wants to get rid of her children. On the way to her mother's family, they cross into the Sinclair land. When they are brought to the keep to meet the Sinclair Laird Shona runs into Caelis. Caelis is in training and has plans to return to the MacLeod and unseat the Laird/alpha. He is shocked when he sees Shona because he has been told that she had died. He is even move shocked when he sees his son for the first time. He knows that Shona is his sacred mate. He now has to convince Shona that he has never stopped loving her and that she is his mate. With six long years of pain will she be able to forgive him and become the family that fate wants them to be?

Book Blurb for Warrior's Moon

Chrechte wolf shifter Caelis turned his back on his human lover Shona so that he could remain loyal to his pack. Six years later, he thinks she’s dead. He’s wrong...

After being rejected by Caelis, Shona was forced to marry an English baron. Now she’s on the run from the deceased baron’s heir. Determined to protect her children, she heads north to Balmoral Island, to the only family she has left. And runs into the one man she never wants to see again?and the only one who might be able to save her.

As powerful and charismatic as ever, Caelis has been charged with saving his pack from the corrupt laird ruling them. This time, however, he refuses to abandon his sacred mate. He lost Shona once and swears he will never be separated from her again. Passion and love urge Shona to join him. But she has to wonder if she truly comes before the pack, or if nothing has changed at all

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50