Waking Nightmare

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Waking Nightmare

The Mindhunters - Book 1

Abbie Phillips is sent to Savannah to help the local police hunt down a serial rapist.  Abbie is a forensic profiler and she works for Raiker Forensics, also known as The Mindhunters.  They are an exclusive group of criminologists, the best in their field.  They help the police to solve some of the worst crimes where there are no leads.  Abbie has problems with her sister, and when she follows Abbie to Savannah she brings more trouble.  Ryne Robel is the head of the police taskforce that is trying to catch the rapist.  When he requests additional help from his captain, Ryne is shocked when Abbie shows up.  He was expecting a police officer, not a forensic profiler.   Ryune has enough trouble trying to track down the suspect without the added distraction of Abbie.  The more time he spends working with her; he comes to realize there is more to her than a pretty face.  She is smart and fierce.  When Abbie is able to figure out the game that the rapist is playing with his victims, it moves them one step closer to catching him.  But then he sets his sights on Abbie.  Can Ryne protect her before the suspect catches them?  Can he keep his heart safe, because what he feels for Abbie is much more then he ever expected to feel for any other woman?

This is the First in Ms. Brant's Mindhunter's series.  And what a great start it is.  You don't have to read these books in order, but I encourage you to get them all.  The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the last.  This book was hard to put down and I read it in one night.  The blending of fast-paced action and the romance between the two main characters was captivating.  In my opinion, Ms. Brant is an author to keep your eye on and make her books an auto-buy.  The next in the series is set to come out in October and is titled Waking Evil.

Book Blurb for Waking Nightmare

First he learns your darkest fears. Then he makes you live them.

With a serial rapist on the loose on the streets of Savannah, hot-shot detective Ryne Robel needs all the help he can get for his task force. And he needs it now, before another woman falls victim. But Abbie Phillips isn't what he bargained for. Sent from an exclusive group of the best criminologists in the country, she's smart, fierce. . .and distracting. She may be a brilliant forensic profiler, but Ryne needs answers, not pyschobabble and head games.

However, Abbie convinces him that head games are exactly what this elusive suspect is all about. The seemingly random acts or torture are actually calculated to match each victim's darkest fears. And the stakes are rising. While they study the devious psychopath, he's watching them--the next objects of his horrifying obsession.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 5.00