Waking Evil

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Waking Evil

The Mindhunters - Book 2

Ramsey Clark is a forensic investigator for a company called Mindhunters.  She is sent to Buffalo Springs, Tennessee to look into a murder.  Buffalo Springs is a small town where everybody knows eveybody else and what everyone is up to.  But murder is almost unheard of in the town.  But once every generation a red mist forms in parts of the town and surronding farmlands.  Whenever to mist is around there are bound to be three deaths, then the mist will dissapear until the next time.Ramsey does not beleive in the superstition, she believes in what she learns from the evidence.  Devlin Stryker is from Buffalo Springs.  Devlin comes back to look into the red mist legend.  Devlin writes books about people's experiences with phenomenas and paranormal events.  Devlin also has a personal readson for wanting to solve the mystery of the red mist,  the last time the mist was seen was thirty years ago.  It was Devlin's father that was accused of murdering his mistress and her mother.  He was found guilty and was sent to prison where he himself was killed.  Devlin has never belived his father was guilty, now he just has to prove it.

This is the second book in Ms Brant's Mindhunter series.  This story is very well written.  The characters are very intelligent.  You will not be able to put this book down.  The suspense in this story will keep you on the edge of your seat and the best thing is you not be able to guess who the killer is.  But when you find out who it is, everything falls into place.  Be on the lookout for the next Mindhunter book,  Waking Evil, which will be out in October.

Book Blurb for Waking Evil

Buffalo Springs, Tennessee is a neighborly kind of place where folks leave their doors unlocked and crime is unheard of. But once every generation, a strange red mist settles over the town, and with it comes omens of death….

When the body of a young woman is found, forensic investigator Ramsey Clark is called in. She knows about the legend of the mist and about the curse that has the entire town afraid of the dark. But Ramsey believes in evidence, not superstition, despite what she’s told by the parapsychologist who has been dogging her every step. Then another murder rocks Buffalo Springs, and Ramsey begins to wonder if a killer is playing on everyone’s fears or if a prophecy is indeed being fulfilled—one victim at a time.


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00