Vowed in Shadows

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Vowed in Shadows

A Novel of the Marked Souls, #3

Nim Hamlin daces under the name The Naughty Nymphette alone with her pet boa, Mobie. Nim is getting ready to enter a contest to get her own show in Las Vegas. Due to Nim's childhood trauma she is ripe for possession by a penitence demon. This is a demon who is seeking atonement. In exchange for super strength and fast healing for the human host the demon gets a chance to redeem himself by fighting evil. When Nim is told about the demon in her she doesn't care. She does not want to fight because she thinks the human race is doomed and nothing she does will change it.

Jonah Walker was a missionary along with his wife in Africa. That is where Jonah received his demon. After the death of his wife he returns to America and joins the Chicago based Talyon warriors. Jonah has always had a problem with his demon half. After the last big battle (Forged of Shadows book 2) Jonah lost his sword hand. Now he feels useless and as less than a warrior. He is surprised when the demon picks him to help Nim through the possession. Now he must convince Nim to fight evil to save the world. They both have to learn that they are loveable. They both must accept the mating bond if they want to survive because together they are stronger than apart.

This is the third installment in Ms. Slade's urban fantasy Marked Souls series. If you like your stories filled with action and romance, plus about two wounded souls then this is a series for you. This series is wonderful; it has everything you could want to read about. I hope Ms. Slade keeps these books coming. I can't get enough of these warriors and their mates.

Book Blurb for Vowed in Shadows

Once a righteous missionary man, Jonah Walker now endures immortality with nothing but a body built for battle and a heart set on retribution. But his last devastating fight left him wounded beyond healing-and his only chance for redemption lies with a fallen woman whose passion burns through the shadows...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75