Visions of Skyfire

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Visions of Skyfire

An Awakening Novel, #2

Teresa Santiago was raised knowing she was a witch. Her grandmother tried to prepare her for her awakening. When Teresa starts having strange dreams and strange things start happening around her she knows her awakening is about to happen. With a storm on the horizon, Teresa heads out to the desert. There she starts to call down the lightening. She is trying to learn how to aim the lightening that she gets from the storm when she sees a helicopter coming toward her. She knows it is the MP, magic police, coming to capture her. The magic police's job is to hunt down and capture witches any way they can. When they catch the witch they send them to an internment camp where they wait for their trial and execution.If they are lucky. If the witch does not go with the police peacefully they are shot. When Teresa tries to aim her lightening at the helicopter, they start shooting at her. Teresa believes she is about to die when all of a sudden a man appears in front of her surrounded by fire. When he tells her to hold onto him, she does and they disappear.

Rune is an eternal warrior. He was created by Belen to please his lover Daru. Eternal warriors were created from the heat and fire from the heart of the sun. Belen made the warriors to be mates for Daru's daughters, the witches. In return for their love and protection the warriors were given fire, strength and immortality. The warriors watch over their witch throughout all of their lives. When each witch goes through her awakening, her eternal warrior shows up in her life. When they go through the mating ritual, the witch starts to remember all of her past lives and where she hid her part of the artifact. But someone else is after not only the artifact but wants Teresa as well. Will Rune be able to keep Teresa safe until they find the artifact? Rune and Teresa do not trust each other due to the past but in order to survive they will have to learn to trust each other or all is lost.

This is Ms. Hastings second installment of her Awakening series. This is a wonderful new series. It's based on the concept of two wounded hearts getting a second chance at love. This is a story that has it all, romance, action, witches and hot warriors. What more could you ask for? I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down until I had finished the whole thing. Ms. Hastings has become an auto-buy for me.

Book Blurb for Visions of Skyfire

The Awakening is upon Teresa Santiago. Despite training for this moment since she was a child, Teresa is unprepared for the vastness of her power or for her attraction to Rune, her Eternal protector and destined mate.

United by purpose-and-passion Teresa and Rune must locate one of the missing artifacts before its power unleashes the forces of darkness on the world. His strength and her ability to summon lightning should be enough to protect them from the government agents charged with imprisoning witches. But their enemies are both mortal and magical-and danger follows Teresa at every turn.

In this ultimate batter between good and evil, only through sacrifice will love conquer all...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00